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Ama-La Collection : Nior Area Rug in Black (9x12)

Retail $7560

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Hand knotted using the intricate Senneh loop knot, the Ama-La Nior Area Rug has the incredible detail and the rich color you expect from Tibetan Rugs. Crafted from the finest quality materials, using hand spun, lanolin rich Himalayan Wool that is longer and has a fabulous texture to help keep the sheep warm 11,000 feet up in these incredible mountains. This and our other amazing Tibetan Accent Rugs are expertly handcrafted using tools and techniques that have been around for hundreds of years. This stunning rug is one of many in our stores right now, each with its own amazing detail, and not all of them advertised. 


CLOSEOUT: These gorgeous Tibetan Area Rugs came to us in a one time shipment of over 400 unique pieces. Come into the closest Dump location and find the perfect floor covering for your home in our wonderful collection of timeless Tibetan masterpieces.