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Ariana Collection : Kuroi Hana Area Rug (213K) in Black (5x8)

This gorgeous area rug, named Kuroi Hana or The Black Flower in Japanese, features a delicate array of floral details that beautifully stand out against the black background. Machine made with over one million point construction by a talented rug maker with an eye for detail, this and the other rug from our Ariana Collection are the perfect way to bring old world charm into designs of today. This 5x8 Accent Rug is also available in the following size and shape options:


2x8, 4x6, 8x11, and 10x13


6x6 and 8x8

Retail $699

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Locations Available : Atlanta GA, Chicago IL, Dallas TX, Hampton VA, Houston TX, Norfolk VA, Philadelphia PA, Richmond VA, Turnersville NJ