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Queen Vitality Pillow

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Ultra soft Memory Foam pillow made of sustainable Soy w/ cooling ventilation



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Made from environmentally friendly Soy, our durable, supportive, ventilated Memory Foam offers luxurious comfort and quickly adapting support, proving you can have the wonderful comforts of modern day technology while remaining responsible to our planet. Our Soy based Memory Foam is not just made from a renewable resource, but is expanded using water instead of the harsh chemicals that most companies use, helping to maintain our Oeko-Tex quality certifications, the highest standards for testing levels of harmful substances in products. The Vitality Pillow is Blu Sleep’s softest pillow option, and its open cell technology, or more simply put, its ventilation holes, are the first step in ensuring you stay cool throughout the night. A natural Tencel cover helps this process, also absorbing then dissipating any moisture for a cool, comfortable night of sleep, every night. The fast response of our Soy Memory Foam provides superior support, gently adapting to your body’s movements throughout the night to continuously relieve stress on your pressure points, and since it is not effected by temperature like some Memory Foam options, it will maintain the same density and feel throughout the night. This Italian made Memory Foam pillow is a fantastic option for those who like plush comfort but still need the support soft pillows rarely offer, giving you the best of both worlds with its sumptuous cushioning and adaptive support.