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Pierson Power Reclining Storage Sectional With USB
Rebecca, Seating Buyer
Dump Direct - We Dump the Distributors. You Save 50%
New Shipment of Reclining Sectionals

The furniture business is filled with distributors. People who handle importing. Others who handle warehousing. Those middlemen have to get paid somehow, so regular stores build it into the cost of your furniture.

At The Dump, we’re pretty much allergic to distributors (hives, swelling, the whole bit). We buy tons of furniture from all over the world—and sell it off-price and fast. So we’re able to buy direct from manufacturers, bypassing all the distributors and their obnoxious fees.

That’s how we’re able to sell a shipment of reclining sectionals loaded with cool tech features at 50% below market prices. We figure you’d rather have USB charging ports or a premium reclining mechanism in your new sectional than pay Bill and Frank, the middlemen.

Check out a few of the motion sectionals we bought direct this week. Like what you see? Come try them out this weekend before they disappear.

Dual Power Reclining Storage Sectional
Jamison Power Reclining Storage Sectional