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$30 Million of Leather & Motion Dumped

$1 million of leather and motion is the most we’ve ever Dumped. Forced to Dump $30 million this one Friday is sheer madness. Unless $4000 power reclining leather is $1499. How ‘bout $1388? $1200? Sane. $499? Madness. $2500 leather. $699. $600 power recliners, $299. Crazy is $30 million in three days. Madness is 70% off.

75% Off 5,000 Showroom Samples

Luxury brands play hard to get. But once a year, they sell off a few showroom samples half off to their luxury outlet. But never 5,000 all at once. With only three days, The Dump will have to go 75% off the most exclusive names in furniture and rugs. One-of-a-kinds from showrooms in Carolina to Vegas. Hamburg to Milan. At 75% off, curated room settings gone for the price of one piece. No time to play hard to get. Three days. 75% off at The Dump.

Queen Mattresses Up To 75% Off, $499 Or Less

Pick a mattress. Up to $2000 in queen size. Friday, the highest price you’ll see is $499, all the way down to $149. At 75% off $2000 mattresses, get queen size for $499 or less at The Dump.

Dump Every Roll of Carpet in Virginia

Dump every roll of carpet. Friday, 500 rolls of luxury carpet were up to 70% off. These three days only, you take an extra 20% off. Already 70% off. Last call Friday. Extra 20% off carpet at The Dump outlets in Norfolk, Hampton and Richmond, Virginia.

Dump Every Fine Oriental Rug

Dump every rug! Once a year, every fine oriental and area rug that didn’t go up to 70% off gets Dumped as low as 10¢ on the dollar. 10 am Friday. 10¢ on the dollar. Authentic handmade rugs get Dumped for less than the price of imitations.

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