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Kharma 465R: Kharmic Vines Area Rug

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For centuries Egyptian artists created a vast array of colors using natural ingredients and techniques to decorate temples, monuments, and the homes of nobility. They used information passed down from generation to generation to create these vibrant pigments, and once this information was lost, it was lost forever. Even with today’s technology it is near impossible to recreate these color tones properly, but the Kharma Collection finally did it with these incredible accent rugs. Their rich color palette appearing delicately weathered with the fabulous aging process to give it the true Old World look the Kharma Area Rug Collection was made for. The Kharmic Vines Area Rug is one of these fabulous area rugs from this collection, with unique character and intricate detail all its own. 

SKU: 0773KH465R5X8CL
Locations Available : Atlanta GA, Dallas TX