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Lotus Area Rug in Wheat

The Lanolin rich Wool used for these incredible Tibetan Rugs was hand collected, hand carved, and hand spun from the extra long fibers of sheep living 11,000 feet high in the Himalayan Mountains, giving it such incredible texture, and when coupled with the Chrome dyes, it ends up having an amazing luster you can't believe. The intricate Senneh loop knot is a technique for making these beautiful Hand Knotted Tibetan Rugs that has been around for hundreds of years due to its ability to form such incredible detail.


CLOSEOUT: We recieved a one time shipment of these beautiful Tibetan Rugs, with so many unique designs and colorations that we couldn't show them all here online, and we couldn't have the same selection at every location. The only way to see everything available in your area is to visit the closest Dump Outlet.

Retail $4050

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Locations Available : Dallas TX, Houston TX
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