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Mayfair Deluxe Leather Sectional Sofa

The Mayfair Sofa has seamlessly brought together the generous seating of a sectional with the elegant details of an exquisite leather sofa. Superior craftsmanship and premium Brompton leather come together to create this fabulous heirloom quality piece, a stunning couch that is made to be cherished for generations. Craftsman first kiln dry its solid hardwood frame to increase its strength and durability, then craft the time honored 8 way, hand-tied coil support system. Finally, thick, hand-tanned Brompton leather goes through a twelve step finishing process to bring out its natural grain before it is expertly upholstered over the 46 inch deep cushioning of this incredible Sectional Sofa. A 40 inch depth is available for those who don't want to curl up on their sectional, all feature modular sections perfect in many configurations to best fit your home.

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Locations Available : Atlanta GA, Chicago IL, Dallas TX, Hampton VA, Houston TX, Norfolk VA, Philadelphia PA, Phoenix AZ, Richmond VA, Turnersville NJ
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