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Scaffold Area Rug in Beech

Market Price $4050

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Hand Knotted from Lanolin rich Wool, this beautiful neutral toned Tibetan Area Rug features a subtle geometric pattern, made possible by the time honored Senneh loop knot that allows for intricate details, and the small batches of Chrome dye made for the coloration creates such a beautiful luster. The extra long strands of Himalayan Wool are hand carved and hand spun from the fibers collected from sheep 11,000 feet high in the Himalayas.


CLOSEOUT: With over 400 of these incredible hand knotted Tibetan rugs coming to us at such an amazing closeout price, you can't pass up the opportunity to come into the closest Dump location and search through the many unique styles and color palettes, many not even advertised here and not available in all locations, so what you fond here won't be at any of our other locations.
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