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Tibetan Rugs Outlet Warehouse Clearance Prices

Tibetan Rugs Outlet Warehouse Clearance Prices

This is just a sampling of the 400 authentic Tibetan rugs we just received. Availability varies by location. Visit the store nearest you to see their full selection of these beautiful hand-knotted Himalayan wool Tibetan rugs. But hurry, at up to 79% off current market prices they won't last long!

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Ashley Area Rug in Sage

10'X14' Hand knotted Tibetan crafted from hand spun, lanolin rich Himalayan wool

Bernamante C Area Rug

6'X9' Hand knotted Tibetan dyed in lustrous chrome dye over hand spun Himalayan wool

Dancing Tree Area Rug in Green

6'X9' Hand knotted using hand spun Himalayan wool and chrome dyes

Delta Area Rug in Singe

9'X12' Hand knotted Himalayan wool Tibetan made using the Senneh loop knot

Diamond Swirl Area Rug in Green

8'X10' Hand knotted using time honored Senneh loop knot and spun Himalayan wool

Ecran MW Area Rug

8'X10' Hand knotted Tibetan made from Himalayan wool

Fiona Area Rug in Mocha and Blue

9'X12' Hand knotted Tibetan in a traditional pattern with a modern color palette

Fiona Area Rug in Tomato

6'X9' Hand Knotted Tibetan Rug made from hand spun, Lanolin rich Himalayan Wool

Hetch Demitasse Area Rug

9'X12' Tibetan Rug made from hand spun Himalayan Wool that has been Hand Knotted using the time honored Senneh loop knot

Humanity Area Rug

8'X10' Hand Knotted Accent Rug made from Himalayan Wool and Chrome Dyes

Kimone PW Area Rug

8'X10' Hand Knotted Tibetan Area Rug made of Himalayan Wool and dyed using small batches of a Chrome dye

La Scala Area Rug in Crimson

8'X10' Hand Knotted Tibetan rug made from hand spun Himalayan Wool
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Exquisitely tailored from natural Silk and hand carded and hand spun Himalayan Wool, these stunning, hand-knotted Tibetan Rugs offer incredible, timeless styles and a supple, lanolin rich texture you don’t find in many Wool fibers. This incredible texture comes from the longer than usual strands of Wool collected from sheep living 11,000 feet high in the Himalaya Mountains, where the temperatures plummet.


The tools and techniques used to create these stunning designs have been in use for hundreds of years, using the finest of materials and the intricate Tibetan Senneh knot, sometimes called the Farsibaff that allows for more detailed patterns and gives it a higher density weave. With over 400 styles, not all available in every location, there are so many more to choose from when you come into our stores.


Each accent rug was created with the care and precision of a true craftsman, intricately hand knotting each rug, one knot at a time, and a picture truly can’t do them justice. Anyone interested in one of these Tibetan masterpieces really should come into their local Dump store and see the many options that aren’t even pictured on the web.