Norfolk Clearance Zone

Norfolk Clearance Zone
Bargain Hunters and Clearance Rack Pros: This is Your Little Slice of Heaven

Here’s a fun fact for Hampton Roads furniture bargain hunters. The Dump now has its own Dump. The Clearance Zone is now open at our Norfolk outlet on Military Highway.

It’s where all the clearance sofas, sectionals, leather furniture, bedrooms and dining rooms from all the Dumps in the country…get Dumped. Two new truckloads of stuff arrive here every week. From odd dining chairs, headboards and sectional pieces to fresh out of the box top-grain leather power sofas. We take 35% off the price of all product that’s in A-1 shape, line it up in The Clearance Zone and sell it off every Friday morning.

  • Like new clearance floor samples
  • Canceled special orders
  • Things we just got antsy about and marked down
  • Unopened warehouse items that have been around too long
  • Some scratch and dent merchandise
  • Items are not available for purchase online. Please call The Dump at (757) 466-0166 with questions.
If It Doesn't Sell, Down Goes the Price

We take progressive markdowns every two weeks. (You can wait for it to go lower, but you might miss it.)

There’s only one Clearance Zone, and it’s at the Norfolk Dump on Military Highway. If you love a good bargain, make it your Friday morning destination.

Our Top Clearance Zone Deals of the Week
Black and white Sofa with Ottoman $572 Leather Ottoman $302 Armoire $592
Bedroom Set $1492 Dining Set $612 Recliners $512

THE DEETS: Everything in The Clearance Zone is pickup only because it’s marked down to bare minimum. All items sold as is, as you can tell by the prices.