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Market Price

Market Price: The Price Other Retailers Use To Sell Exact Or Like Product

On our price tags and our website, you’ll see our price and how it compares to the market price. So what is the market price?

It’s a verified price at which that exact or very similar product is being sold in the market right now at traditional retailers and online.

It’s not arbitrary. It’s not an algorithm. It’s not MSRP. It’s not BS. We need to say that because the truth is, at some retailers it is BS.

A big part of our buying team’s job is to verify and document the price of exact and comparable products in local, national and online markets on a daily basis. They compare everything from the coil units to the type of leather to the dovetails and the cushion fillings. So you can be sure that everything in our outlet is 30 to 70% lower than the price you’d pay anywhere else.