Shifman Special Edition 13.5” Double-Sided Queen Mattress

Luxury queen double-sided mattress handmade with hundreds of individually wrapped coils between layers of plush foams and natural cotton.

Old price: $1,199
District Price
Actual Market Price : $2,570.00

Type: Double-sided/ Innerspring

Comfort: Plush

Coil Count: 416

Adjustable friendly: Yes

 Layers & Benefits:

  • Luxury comfort, breathability & temperature regulation: natural cotton
  • Conforming comfort: natural cotton, super-soft foam & super-soft convoluted foam
  • Individualized support: individually wrapped, 13-gauge hi-profile heat set Bonnell coils
  • Complete sleep surface: foam encasement
  • Handmade in America
  • Double-sided mattress

Forget the fancy New York department store, where the price tags on Shifman mattresses are as high as the surrounding skyscrapers. Instead, visit The Dump and pay just a fraction of the cost for the same luxurious mattress. The Special Edition model exemplifies Shifman’s dedication to high-quality craftmanship over the last 125 years: This double-sided queen mattress is handmade in New Jersey with a layer of natural cotton on each side for a plush feel that’s cool in the summer and warm during the winter. Super soft foams above and below provide additional conforming comfort, while at the center, hundreds of individually wrapped, heat-set coils inside a foam encasement offer personalized support across every inch of the sleep surface. Both sides of this plush queen mattress showcase tack and jump tufting done by hand, resulting in an attractive quilting pattern that also secures the inside layers in place to eliminate any shifting or settling throughout a lifetime of use.

Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Width 60
Depth 80