Dovetail Blog April 2018

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9 Truckloads of Handmade Furniture
Dining Set

People who know me well know I’ll text them we get a shipment from Dovetail. Because it’s going to be filled with cool, imaginative pieces, and we only get a deal from them every other year or so.

This is the year, and this is the weekend it gets here. Nine truckloads of dining tables, beds, chairs, occasional pieces and home accents. We’re getting a ton of one of a kinds this year (Early birds always win at The Dump!). Some pieces are discontinued items. Many are simply overstocks from Dovetail’s current line. They’re all inventive, daring—and best of all—50 to 75% below any price you’ll find online or in town.

I particularly love the rustic chic looks in this purchase, and their use of metals, inlaid woods and mixed media.

Google it and see for yourself

So consider yourself texted, my friend. The Dovetail deal is here!

Queen Bed
Living Room
Wine Bar