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Before Tariffs Increase Prices 25% in Virginia

Before tariffs increase U.S. furniture prices by 25%, The Dump rushes in, $100 million going 40-80% below current market price. Before $3500 bedrooms become $5000, they’re just $1595 at The Dump. Storage sectionals, current market price: $3200. Friday, $1388. The last time leather and power sofas will be $788. Before prices increase 25%, the last $100 million dollars will go on Friday for 40-80% off at The Dump outlets in Norfolk, Hampton and Richmond.

Last 400 Persian Rugs 70% Off Pre-Embargo Prices

Persian rugs are now prohibited from entering the U.S. Scarcity of Persians will force investment values to soar. Except this Friday. We’ll Dump the last 400 true Persian rugs all 70% off pre-embargo prices at our Virginia outlets.

10 AM Friday: $499 Mattress Stacks

Every mattress in this stack sells for $1200 to $3000. Friday, you pay $499. Choose any mattress from the stacks. 60-80% off. All $499. The mattress stacks open 10 am Friday at The Dump. ets in Atlanta, Chicago, Philly, Houston and Dallas.

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