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High-End Harvey

High-end Harvey: His company made $1 million too much high-end furniture. Here’s Harv when he got our offer: “25¢ on the dollar? The Dump!? Son of a @#$*%!” That’s right, dude: 75% off your leather couches. 50% off Italian leather packages--- Sofa, loveseat and chair. Take it or leave it. Guess what? Harvey took the deal anyway. Now it’s your turn. Friday at The Dump.

Up to 75% Off: Dumping 25,000 Recliners

They just dumped 25,000 recliners on our outlet. Even at 50% off, it’ll take four months to sell ‘em. The Dump only has these three days. So $1000 power leather recliners must go to $399. Power sectionals, just $899. $3000 reclining living rooms, just $995. $5000 rooms of reclining leather will go for $1935. We’ll get rid of 25,000 recliners by Sunday night. At 70% off the prices: To The Dump, to The Dump, to The Dump, Dump, Dump!

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