iFusion™ gel-visco foam and micro-coil layers atop a luxury encased coil system give these 15-inch pillowtop mattress their plush, yet supportive feel.

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Type: Pillowtop

Comfort: Plush

Adjustable friendly: Yes

Layers & Benefits:

  • Cool, soft feel: iFusion™ gel-visco technology
  • Conforming comfort: Contour luxury encased coil system
  • Pressure point relief: Micro coil layer
  • Durable, head-to-toe support: Super stretch Tencel fabric
  • Complete Sleep Surface: Excellent Edge foam encasement
  • 10-Year Non-Prorated Warranty

What’s not to love about a mattress that envelopes you in a cradle of pillow-soft plushness when you lay down? The next morning when you wake up stiff and sore from the lack of support expected from only having plush foam responsible for your entire body’s wellness. That is why King Koil created the Lacey 15-inch Plush Pillowtop mattress to provide that “just-right” balance of supremely plush surface feel and targeted support. That plush surface feel on the Lacey mattress can be attributed to the pillowtop comfort layers, starting with the iFusion™ gel-visco technology which combines open cell memory foam and pressure relieving gel that conforms to every curve of your body while regulating the temperature. A layer of comfort foam is sandwiched between the iFusion technology and a layer of micro-coils that are strategically positioned throughout the center third and outer edges of the bed surface to enhance support where it is needed most and increase total surface area while reducing roll-off. The pillow-top surface layer is buffered by sheets of high-performance foam above the contour luxury encased coil system, which uses a network of individually wrapped coils to conform to your body’s curves while reducing partner disturbances for customized comfort and uninterrupted sleep. The Excellent Edge foam encasement below provides stability to all the layers and creates a firm edge and expanded sleep surface. While these layers work to support and comfort, the super stretch Tencel fabric encompassing the mattress promotes additional thermal regulation while deterring bacterial growth and enhancing breathability to keep the pillowtop plushness feeling fresh and clean and comfort layers supported and secure through years of use.