Important Message From E.J. Strelitz

We believe that luxury should not be reserved for the privileged few. It’s why we are a 125-year family business and luxury furniture outlet.

Through two world wars and now, two pandemics, we thought we’d seen it all... Until now.

Never has great taste and quality been so affordable for our customers.

Never have so many great luxury brands been forced to liquidate so much fine furniture, handmade mattresses and oriental rugs – in so little time.

Respected retailers and famous makers are in bankruptcy and have closed their doors forever. Others are still hanging on but are in severe financial distress. The strong will only survive by aggressively liquidating unforeseen and dangerously high levels of current inventory to The Dump Luxury Outlet. All at prices below your (and our) wildest dreams – without frills and overhead – will be gone in the blink of an eye. (In fact, industry experts now predict a shortage of luxury furniture after this wave of selling at panicked prices.)

You, our clients, have great taste and appreciation for enduring quality. Many years from now, we’ll look back and know – THIS WAS OUR FINEST MOMENT.

Most importantly, we believe you deserve to know.

All the best,

E.J. Strelitz
3rd Generation Family Proprietor