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Why Should You Select a Store?

Every Dump location is unique, and each outlet receives different merchandise every weekend. So for the best shopping experience, we recommend selecting a store location when visiting The Dump online. Not only will you see all the current promotions and off-price deals at the nearest outlet, but you’ll also be able to browse and buy the fine furniture, mattresses and rugs available to ship to your home in that area.

If the website doesn’t automatically redirect to the location nearest you, select one from the dropdown menu on the main page. This will take you to a homepage curated specifically for that store location, showcasing unique deals and products at that outlet.

Choose a Location

As you browse around the site, you’ll see products available at The Dump in that location. These items can also be purchased online, as long as you’re located within 100 miles of that store or its warehouse. (Keep in mind that what you see on site isn’t all that we have in store. Our inventory changes often and sells too quickly to put everything online!)

The available stock quantity will automatically populate on a product page if you’ve been redirected or chosen a location from the main page.

But if you haven’t selected a store, no worries! Simply chose a location from the dropdown menu on a product page to see its availability in your area.

Available Stock & Dropdown Menu

If there’s stock on hand, you’re in luck! Get to your local Dump outlet ASAP – or add the item to your cart and checkout – before someone else does. Think of the quantity shown as a little heads up from us to you: If you click away from an item with just a few left, it might be gone by the time you come back.