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Sharp + Grey

Local Philadelphia furniture shopping at The Dump, and easy tips to make the best of a shopping trip for your home

As an interior designer, I’m always looking for a great place to score some goods for the home. Whether that’s a big box, small box, flea market, a quaint shop in the neighborhood or, of course, online. I love looking around and seeing what kind of treasures I can find to create that unique and curated mix in a home that makes it look so lived in and effortlessly put together. And I also like getting out of the office from time to time, away from the computer to do it IRL. Sometimes a little field trip is in order to find those great local sources for furnishings and décor. So, when I was recently approached by The Dump to come for a visit and do a blog post I was intrigued (yay field trip) but at the same time a tad hesitant. I really didn’t know much about The Dump and the only real experience I had was through their advertising. If you're local to Philly (or have a location near your) you’ve likely heard the high energy radio ads or seen the flashy TV commercials promising big discounts on quality items going fast (I especially remember the ads highlighting sales for authentic and high end Persian rugs at rock bottom prices). These ads have always piqued my interest, because who doesn’t love a good rug, but I had never been there to check it out and I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.

Walking through The Dump, I see something for everyone. I spy a very cool modern farmhouse table in the foreground here and that tall black triangular lamp’s not to shabby either. I have to say, however, when I walked in I was pleasantly surprised by the array of items they had on the floor. First thing I noticed was the place was HUGE, and Warehouse-y feeling, but there were some nicely done vignettes around with some really great brands - like Jungalow, Resource Decor and Thomas Bina just to name a few. There is something for everyone here, and there were gems hiding within the many rows of sofas, tables and chairs and the prices really can’t be beat.

This reclaimed wood pedestal bed situation is so perfect for a modern cabin.

Love this indigo chaise and the subtle contrast of the fabric on the cushion. In the first 5 minutes I spotted a Thomas Bina coffee table that I have literally been internet stalking like a crazy person for a couple of years, but hadn’t pulled the trigger. I was also considering it for a client project but the size wasn’t quite right, and honestly I have always just wanted to adopt it and have it come live with me. So, you know when I saw that it was priced at $599 down from $1258 retail, I brought this new addition home to stay.