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Steven Shell Living

Steven Shell Living Furniture Collections Curated for The Dump
Steven Steven Shell Living Furniture up to 60% Off Market Value
Steven Shell Living Writing Desk

With the bold philosophy of,

“Give the customers nothing,
or give them everything –
we do the latter,”

Steven Shell has made good on his promise for over 18 years.
The eclectic mix of furniture and accessories is inspired by
Steven’s global travels throughout Europe and the East,
as well as his favorite haunts in London.

Steven Shell Dining Room Furniture

  Known for unique whimsical designs, Steven Shell’s playfully twisted classics are:

• Hand painted in fresh, classic hues and bold pops of exuberant color;
• Bench made and hand carved using solid mahogany;
• With very limited quantities for customers who are looking for truly unique pieces.
Steven Shell Living Cabinet

Each Dump location features a unique Steven Shell London collection.

Quantities are very limited,

so visit your local store to experience the thrill of the hunt,
and fall in love with your very own treasure — before it vanishes.

Steven Shell Living Writing Desk