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Taracea Designer Closeout

Repurposed. Reimagined. Refined. 75% Off.

Much like the centuries-old woodcraft from which it derives its name, Taracea has enjoyed a distinguished heritage and exceptional reputation for many years.

Striving to achieve balance between form and function, Taracea's stunning handmade furnishings speak to the natural elements of their composition as well as a deep reverence for the skill and dedication demanded of their craftsmanship.

Taracea Table Repurposed Planks
Handmade Designs & Sustainably Sourced Wood

Highly skilled Mexican artisans start with strategically sourced wood – prized for its beauty and scarcity, as well as its reduced carbon footprint compared to intensively harvested forestry materials.

One at a time, these master craftsmen carve and shape the raw elements until they are transformed into clean-lined, classical and contemporary home furnishings that are made to last a lifetime, becoming heritage pieces to be cherished for years to come.

Taracea Wood Table

A highly sought-after supplier to high-end and catalog retailers, Taracea commands a premium price for their unique designs and expertly crafted pieces.

When our doors open at 10am this Friday, The Dump is thrilled to offer a limited selection of once-in-a-lifetime pieces - at the astonishing closeout discount of 75% off.

Quantities are limited and these pieces are only available at The Dump Luxe Furniture Outlet locations in Dallas and Houston. Arrive early for best selection.

Arrive Early for Best Selection