Simon Li

Hey there, Richmond & Atlanta furniture enthusiasts! One-of-a-kind showroom samples of leather accent chairs and more from Simon Li, renowned for design, comfort, and quality in leather furniture, just rolled into The Dump at up to 40% off-price!

Setting Leather Furniture Standards Since 1997

What Makes Simon Li Stand Out?

The Leather

They're picky about their leather. They use ethically sourced top grain leather furniture, carefully selected for softness and durability. As part of the Leather Working Group, a global initiative to secure environmentally safe, genuine leather, the leather piece is then tanned using a process that mitigates the environmental impact. Paired with gentle leather care, this material is long-lasting and luxurious.

The Mechanisms

The reclining and adjustable mechanisms in Simon Li’s pieces are made with top-notch steel and rivets to ensure smooth, effortless movement. They are then rigorously tested at 20,000 open-and-closed cycles to ensure quality and lasting durability.

The Process

From the very beginning of the production process, each piece of furniture is given a unique ID. This ID follows the leather as well as the produced piece of furniture through production. It contains all information about this product, from materials to quality testing throughout the process.

Hurry, though! These design samples are one-of-a-kinds and once they're gone, they're gone. At up to 40% off-price, these top grain leather furniture styles won’t last long. Arrive early for first dibs!