Exciting news has just arrived at our outlets! A large shipment of Intercon furniture collections from Manwah, the world’s largest manufacturer of reclining furniture, has unloaded at 50% Off-Price!

What sets these recliner collections apart is the Beyond Leather upholstery, which boasts kid-friendly, pet-friendly, and life-friendly attributes. This innovative material is not only stain-resistant but also exceptionally durable and easy to clean. The upholstery undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring it stands up to tears without cracking or delamination. Plus, its antibacterial and mildew-resistant properties make it a practical choice for, well, anyone.

Beyond Leather is not the only highlight of these living room furniture collections; they also incorporate a ton of cool and convenient features. From power reclining sofas (or a reclining loveseat or sectional, if they better suit your fancy) and power headrests, to drop down table features, removable and cleanable cupholders, power outlets, USB ports, reading lights, LED foot lighting, elegant arms, cozy seat cushions, and ample storage, these power reclining sofa sets are designed to enhance both relaxation and functionality in any living space.

Silhouette Collection

Summit Collection

Wainwright Collection

One of the most exciting aspects of this arrival is the incredible deal we can offer. Thanks to our relationship with Intercon, we secured these high-quality collections at a remarkable 50% off-price. This unique opportunity came about when Intercon found themselves overstocked and needed to make space. With our standing reputation and relationship, we’re able to pass these significant savings directly to you, offering an even better deal than purchasing directly from Manwah!

This is a one-time deal! When they’re gone, they’re gone, so be sure to grab them before someone else does!