Serta Arctic


If you've been dreaming of a cooler, comfier sleep, we've got just the thing for you! A brand new shipment of Serta Arctic mattresses – at 70% off-price – is being unloaded at our outlets in Atlanta, GA; Lombard, IL; and Deerfield, IL right now, delivering 15 times the cooling power to ensure you wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day.

What Sets Arctic Apart?

Well, it's all about the exclusive REACTEX® System, the hottest (or should we say coolest?) innovation Serta has ever conjured up. This magic layer absorbs heat, guaranteeing you a night of blissful, temperature-controlled sleep. It's truly the best cooling mattress on the market. Plus, the upgraded Serta foam core provides edge-to-edge support for every sleeping position, for a luxuriously restful sleep.

What Happened?

Well, it turns out the Serta factory found themselves overloaded with Arctic mattress materials and needed to clear space, fast. Lucky for you, The Dump swooped in to save the day and bring these dreamy mattresses to our outlets – exclusively in Atlanta, GA; Deerfield, IL; and Lombard, IL – at 70% off-price!

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So, if you want to upgrade to the most restful sleep with 70% Off a Serta Arctic mattress, head to The Dump Furniture Outlet! Why pay more when you can sleep cooler and shop smarter? It's time to make your dreams come true – without going broke.