Kuka Home

Brace yourselves for an exclusive Kuka Home deal that's turning heads and dropping jaws at The Dump Luxe Furniture Outlet.

The deal? Premium leather and fabric sofa covers primed for production for a famous retailer, placed on best-selling Kuka Home frames featuring the best features available in the industry. The catch? We’re not allowed to tell you who that retailer is. What we can shout from the rooftops is that we've snagged these treasures for you at 45-72% off-price!

At The Dump, we cut out all the unnecessary crap. No glitzy displays, no retail markups, no unnecessary overhead, just real savings on brand new, brand name luxury furniture closeouts, overstocks, one-of-a-kinds, and design samples. And thanks to our rock-solid relationships in the furniture industry, we’re once again bringing you the best from luxury brands worldwide.

These off-price covers being paired with the latest and greatest frames from Kuka Home. We’re unloading luxury sofas and sectionals featuring zero gravity, with wireless charging at your fingertips, drop-down tables, hidden cupholders, and luxury leather & fabric seat cushions that redefine comfort and style– all at 45-72% off!

Deals are our thing and you’re only going to find one like this at our outlets. But we can’t get any more! Once they’re gone, they’re gone. So as soon as you scoop your jaw up off the floor, hurry to The Dump.

Solaris Collection

Flanigan Collection

Sable Collection

Gianna Collection

Anastasia Collection

Denali Collection

Voyager Collection