Peyton Collection

Hey there Dumpists, we've got some thrilling news for you – the Peyton Collection has just landed at The Dump, and it's an unbelievable deal – 38-52% off-price! We’re busy unloading 10 truckloads of these luxury sofas, sleeper sofas, chase sectional sofas, and corner sectionals on our showroom floors right now. The feel of a high-quality, classic sofa is unmatched when putting together your living room, and this collection is a showstopper – all in a modern, best-selling frame and a luxury, neutral fabric that plays well with any style. Seamlessly integrating with the rest of your decor, this perfect sofa set will go perfectly with your throw pillows, coffee table, and every intricate detail of your existing interior design. Plus, they're full of comfort and coziness. This deal simply couldn't get better.

So, what's the story behind this epic closeout shipment? Well, we've got some exclusive inside connections in the sofa world. Our longstanding relationships with luxury furniture manufacturers and retailers opened the door to a unique opportunity. A renowned factory, responsible for crafting furniture for a famous brand, found themselves with an oversupply of their luxurious Macey Cashmere performance fabric. To clear up space, they turned to us and we agreed to buy it all – but only if it was applied to their meticulously crafted bench-made frames. And that’s how the Peyton Collection got Dumped 38-52% off the verified market price!

We do things differently here at The Dump. No fancy displays or unnecessary overhead costs. We're all about bringing you luxury furniture without the designer price tags. Why pay retail markups when you can score the Peyton Collection at a jaw-dropping 38-52% off the regular price?

Hurry though! This deal won’t last long at prices like these, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.