Moe's Home

At The Dump, we know a furniture deal when we see one and our latest find from Moe's Home definitely caught our eye. Moe's Home is all about timeless design and enduring quality, and at up to 68% off retail prices, we couldn’t resist the change to bring it to our Atlanta, Phoenix, and Dallas outlets!

Moe's Home has grown from a fine rugs and furniture store in Vancouver to a family-owned and operated institution dedicated to better design for better living. Beyond being mere furniture and home décor items, their products are true works of art meticulously designed with a deep sense of empathy, honesty, customer care, and passion for style and aesthetics.

Quality furniture pieces like these plush, colorful sofa options ensure each and every room in your home has the decor to match your personal style- all at amazing prices. Who said you need to break the bank to have timeless, long-lasting living room furniture? Adorn your space with one-of-a-kind items that set your home apart, and bring charm to every corner of your space.

Some of these quality samples are the only of their kind in existence, and by eliminating retail mark-ups and unnecessary overhead, we’re bringing them to our outlets at up to 68% off retail prices. Deals like this won’t last long. When they’re gone they’re gone.