Southern Motion

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Heads up! We’re about to let you in on a secret that's got us pretty stoked here at The Dump Luxe Factory Outlet. Imagine strolling through a showroom, surrounded by the latest furniture designs and newest technology, and the feeling of luxury just washes over you. Now, imagine scoring these very pieces at up to 40% off the prices you’ll find when they’re released to normal stores next year. Well, that's exactly what we do!

The Furniture Show

Furniture manufacturers aren't just content with churning out the same old designs year after year. They go all out for events like the International Furniture Show.  Twice a year, the entire furniture industry and the media converge on High Point, NC – where the world’s best manufacturers display all their new designs for the coming year. You’ll find high-end manufacturers and designers flaunting their most exquisite creations for the world to see. These showroom samples are the rockstars of the furniture world. They’re unique prototypes – design samples that are true one-of-a-kinds.  These samples are often decked out in the finest materials furniture has to offer – sometimes even better than what you'd typically find from the same brand. When creating samples for a furniture show, manufacturers want to showcase their designs with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship – from bench-made pieces upholstered entirely in 100% top grain leather to the coziest bouclé.

Southern Motion
America’s Premier Motion Furniture Manufacturer

So what has us so pumped? Southern Motion.

We just scored Southern Motion design samples (with all their spectacular features) from the High Point Furniture Show. Southern Motion doesn’t just make furniture; they set the standard for motion furniture. They're trendsetters of the reclining world, constantly dishing out fresh styles and features that make other recliners look like they're stuck in the last century.

Must-Have Features

Southern Motion showroom samples aren't just about looks. They've got some game-changing components and specs that'll make you wonder how you ever lived without them.

Energex Cushion™

  • Exclusive Energex maximum performance topper coupled with high-density foam
  • Open-cell design allows for rapid dissipation of body heat
  • Thermal performance cooling further improves temperature control
  • Strut reinforcement technology for extreme durability

SoCozi Massage & Heat

  • EXP™ technology developed in partnership with Cozzia, leader in massage tech
  • Advanced system utilizes the latest in air cell design, deluxe heat therapy, & lumbar support

Triple Power Plus

  • Power Headrest – Ease your head and neck tension like never before with this power adjustable headrest
  • Power Lumbar Support – Effortlessly reduce lower back pain & improve comfort
  • Power Footrest – Enhance your comfort & relaxation with the touch of a button
  • USB & Wireless Charging – Boost your relaxation with the modern conveniences of this power recliner

NextLevel Recline™ With Zero Gravity

  • Easily recline your feet above your heart
  • Helps optimize blood circulation
  • Reduces pressure on the neck, back, and legs


  • Position your motion reclining furniture mere inches away from the wall while still being able to recline

Drop-Down Table & Storage

  • Serve multiple functions within a limited space
  • Keeping items like remote controls and magazines off the coffee table and neatly tucked away for a more organized living room


  • Convenient and spill-resistant way to keep beverages within arm's reach

Range Of Functionality

  • Rockers
  • Gliders
  • Swivel
  • Rocking High Legs

Ever wondered “How much style and luxury can you fit into one piece of power reclining furniture?” Well, this much.

Showroom samples from Southern Motion’s Allure and Elevate collections are rolling off the trucks right now at our outlets. They're brand spanking new, they're name-brand, and they're up to 40% off!

Hurry and grab them before someone else does! Because when they’re gone, they’re gone.